Its been a busy (and fun) summer having been helping out with many projects and events coming up. Some are fun Detroit things and some are art and design related things, but while I am looking forward to all them, I am also looking forward to getting back into the studio in earnest on my core mission of designing and building innovative furniture. More on that later, but for now, September and October are chock full -o- fun:

I have one piece among over 100 in The Actual Size Biennial being put on by the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit (CAID) at the Whitdell Arts Gallery in Mexicantown.

The 1st annual Detroit Design Festival will run between September 21st-28th with various art and design related happenings, shows, lectures and more. I will have work at the Re:View Contemporary Gallery's one night exhibit, Re:Design 2011, as well as at CCS' New Center Campus in the Creative Process exhibit.

The 10th Annual Tour de Troit rides on September 24th. I've been helping design flyers, posters, and t-shirts for this bike ride since 2006, its a great time, and we are planning on over 5000 riders this year! Registration including a t-shirt ends today, but you can still sign up for the ride unitl at least next week I believe.

Popps Packing will be having a fundraising event involving every Cub Scout's favorite project coming up in the beginning of October, that I'll be participating in, so keep an eye out for that.

Last but not least, the 3rd Annual Detroit Cornhole Tournament ("cornhole" for the uninititated, is essentially a beanbag toss game) Saturday October 1st,for which I had the pleasure of helping with the build out of 20 pairs of cornhole boards.