15 minutes remix - detroit in overdrive

As I said in the last entry, I was interviewed back in the spring for Planet Green's upcoming mini-series Detroit in Overdrive, which premieres tomorrow night, August 4th at 8pm.


What I didn't know then, was that all three episodes will be airing Thursday night back to back (each hour long episode starting at 8, 9, and 10) and that I will be in the third/last episode. I learned all of this last night at the world premiere of the series held at the magnificent Detroit Film Theater, put on by Planet Green and series sponsor General Motors, where they showed one episode of the series, which just happened to be the one I was in! I think the series is pretty well done, there are a few small misconceptions about Detroit in general that weren't exactly debunked (like the ol' no grocery stores in the city myth), but Its all really well intentioned anyways.

here is the official trailer for the series, I hope can tune in and enjoy the show