grand rapids 3-18

I will be in Grand Rapids next thursday for the 3rd Design Quest Furniture Competition, where I have entered my Breakplane chair. I won this competition last year, with the Breakplane table, and recieved some great feedback from the judges:

"It's its own thing; not referencing to another style." - Timothy McLoughlin - Herman Miller, Senior Design Manager, R&D Department
"Great possibilities to expand the concept." - Iain Thorp - Haworth Inc., Head of Design, North America
"Honest design because there is no pretense. Just clean execution." - Jorgen Sorensen - Design Quest


This is one of the great parts about this competition, the strength of the judging, and I'm looking forward to this years awards and reception. The competition has definitely stepped it up this year in both quantity and quality, so it should be interesting and well worth checking out in person. The show will be up until May 2nd.