online store is, well, online! is up, and will be a great place to share some of my small pieces, lamps and accesories. I have added two lamps to the store to start with, and other small items will follow. Larger items will continue to be available on a commision basis.

also, happy 2016!




where does the time go

It's been well over a year since I've posted to the blog, and for that I apologize. Something about the convenience of instagram, or the brevity of twitter, and add to the day to day act of designing and building things and often my most comprehensive means of communication, takes the hit. I'm not sure it will change any time soon, but for now, some site updates are in order, and a recap of what's been going on here at kem3D HQ.


First off, and most temporally relevant, I have some new lamps on sale for the holidays at the Simone DeSousa Gallery in Detroit. I will also be part of the Holiday Maker's Market at Ponyride Detroit this Saturday, the 12th from 12-10. At the Maker's Market I will have lamps, ornaments, clocks, and table accesories for sale, stop by and see what Detroit's makers have to offer.


So, what else have I been busy with since last May?
Well, Wanted Design 2014 was a blast, and I learned a lot and made many connections. Kem3D part of the Detroit Made pop-up at Michele Varian in NYC, got a little press in an Austrian design mag called Holzmagazin, and set up with a holiday pop-up shop here in Detroit put on by the DC3.

2015 started off by getting married(!) which was the culmination of many months of planning in late 2014. On our first trip we headed off to nearby Toronto just in time to catch the first 2 days of the Toronto Offsite Design Festival. The first big project of the year was a commission piece for the new, award-winning Commonwealth-McCann office in downtown Detroit, which was designed by Gensler.

The middle of 2015 started off by traveling to Turkey and Greece, then eased into the development of the Interlocker Cafe Pendant and new Breakplane 3 table lamps. I also had work in the Detroit Made display at Wanted Design 2015, and designed my 10th and final piece to promote the annual Tour-de-Troit bike ride. I also created some new pieces for the Detroit Design Festival Market in September, which was great event, and look forward to being part of next year. And now, we will finish it off with the Ponyride Maker's Market this Saturday!

If we go through a post drought like this again, keep an eye on @kem3D on Instagram, because if nothing else, I'm a sucker for the convenience of a snapshot.

Finally, we hope you all have a warm and bright holiday season, a happy new year, and that we will see you more in 2016.

don't call it a pop-up . saturday the 15th . 4-10

Hi, I'm opening up the studio Saturday the 15th, along with other artists and craftspeople at the big and gritty Russell Industrial Center, where I've been making wood stuff in this space for 7+ years, so its nothing particularly new, but I'll have some gifty things and some not so gifty home furnishings for sale. More than anything, if you want to come by, hang out, and see where I make stuff, talk about tools or whatever, I'll be there.


1610 Clay Ave
Building #2
3rd floor
Great Lakes
United States
Western Hemisphere

It should look something like this once I get the sawdust cleaned up


and here is how to find the place, since GPS coordinates aren't very intuitive


installation up through October 27th

In the flurry of activity getting ready for the Detroit Design Festival I was remiss in my blog-ular duties (not to mention during the entire month of August), but I would like to make everyone aware that my installation for the DDF is up until October 27th at See Art Design, (Re:view Contemporary's design oriented alter-ego) here in Detroit. Hours are Th-Sa, noon-6, or by appointment.

"impliedsurfaceshelter" is a large scale exploration of traditional seat weaving as a means to divide the volume of a room through the dynamic, implied surfaces that the tension within the weaving creates. It is constructed from 2x6" lumber, plywood, and polypropylene strapping.

impliedsurfaceshelter crude composite

impliedsurfaceshelter crude composite

hans wegner quote

Found this quote of his online, I agree completely

“A piece of furniture must never have a back.  It must cohere: One shouldn’t be able to tell where it begins and where it ends.  You experience furniture from every angle and it must stand up to being seen from all sides”


Hans Wegner

the rand stool

Introducing the Rand stool. The first in a series of kem3D seating pieces than embody a fresh, 3-dimensional exploration into traditional chair weaving. The woven pattern is not only broken out of its traditional planar state, but is scaled and manipulated along its implied surface.  It is a solid maple frame built with mitered bridal and mitered moritse and tenon joinery, then woven with high strength nylon cord. Wood species as well as cord color can be specified to suit, 20"w x 19.5"l x 16"h. 


Rand is my grandfather's middle name, an old family name that goes back generations from him. This piece (and really anything I make out of wood) probably wouldn't have been possible without him.


furniture recon

I will be attending this year's ICFF and NY Design week for the first time. While kem3D will not be showing (this time at least), I will be checking out as much of the show and satelite events as possible, and you can follow along with my new twitter feed. See you in New York City.



happy new year/mid-february!


Whoa, where'd January go?

With the New Year under way, I am pleased to announce that I am now represented exclusively in Detroit by See Art Design, an affiliate of Re:view Contemporary, please contact them with any sales inquiries.

The Cocktail event at the Detroit Artist's Market was fantastic, lots of great furniture and fashion to take in, below is a picture of me and my submission taken by fellow designer John Kaloustian. This design is an adeptation of the Breakplane table, with a cabinet suspended between the legs for wine and liquor storage,  I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

I am also currently working on variations of the Parabolic Stools (see here) with some different proportions, first with a larger stool, then into benches and possibly chairs

a few of the first shot at a larger stool in progress, it will take a few iterations to get it right:


I will also be working on some updates to the website as time allows, It may be a little different since you visited last, but its a work in progress.

Last but not least, I am already thinking about a large scale installation for September's Detroit Design Festival, so stayed tuned for that!


...Is the theme of this year's Annual Design Show at the Detroit Artist's Market that I will be a participating in.

2012’S DAM DESIGN SHOW will celebrate COCKTAIL!

Thirteen local designers will share their own process of creating cocktail tables, side tables and bars, starting with sketches to the finished saleable product. During the exclusive Opening Event, DAM will once again host a runway show, featuring women’s cocktail evening wear by Emily Thornhill of Homeslice Clothing.


The ticketed opening is Friday January 12th, and the exhibition runs through February 18th, more info here


here is a teaser of what I'm working on for the show, hope to see you there!

complex forms (part II)

These are more process pictures of the pair of stools that I am making for the Re:collect show Re:View Contemporary. Our last installment showed the basic pieces cut out and some of the upper joinery cut. Following that was a lot of hand work to tune the joint's fittament, gluing, cutting and designing the joinery for the lower end of the pieces. Following that, assembly, shaping, beveling, sanding, drilling and finishing, oh my. Enjoy, next week I'll have some pictures of the pieces with the seats woven in.


fine tuning upper joints

test fit of all pieces

cutting out the final arches

final parts

joining the "feet"

routing the bevels

assembled and fully shaped, time for drilling the holes for the seat and sanding

drilling jig

sanded and finished with oil, time for the seat

complex forms

I am working on two new pieces for the 2011 Re:Collect show at Re:View Contemorary which opens December 3rd. I am working in all solid wood for these, and on some of the most complex joinery that I've attempted to date, definitely learning a lot through this process, which I hope to apply to other pieces, including ones larger in scale.


Below are a few photos of the pieces in progress, there is still quite a bit of work to do.